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Mobile In The Hand 4.0 Released

Today we put the final touches to Mobile In The Hand 4.0 and have released this latest version of the suite. This is a major reworking of the code and the library is now broken into 10 separate dlls so you only need to deploy the specific functionality you require in a project. We have […]

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Get the name of your executing .exe

The Compact Framework doesn’t support Assembly.GetEntryAssembly to determine the launching .exe. You can instead P/Invoke the native GetModuleFileName function like so:- byte[] buffer = new byte[MAX_PATH * 2]; int chars = GetModuleFileName(IntPtr.Zero, buffer, MAX_PATH); if (chars > 0) { string assemblyPath = System.Text.Encoding.Unicode.GetString(buffer, 0, chars * 2); } Where MAX_PATH is defined in the Windows […]