Xamarin Release 7 Moved my Cheese/Apple

I have a Xamarin project which outputs Windows, iOS and Android apps. Since the latest Xamarin update I just couldn’t get it to build my IPA file. It told me to check the project configuration – I haven’t changed the configuration and it all looks fine…

When the project was created several Solution configurations were created – AppStore, AdHoc along with the usual Release/Debug. This was always a pain as you’d have to switch from Release to AppStore to build the iOS version for release. It turns out what has changed in this release is that Release now builds a store-ready IPA file and the AppStore configuration is now broken (and therefore redundant). By switching to Release I was able to build and submit a signed IPA to the store. The only other change is that IPA files are now output into timestamped subfolders on the build machine. You can use the “Show IPA file on Build Server” to display the actual location in Finder.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP