Ordering the Surface Pro 4 Docking Station Adapter

If you have a Surface Pro 3 Docking Station and want to use it with Surface Pro 4 you’ll probably have heard that you need an adaptor – a thin sheet of plastic which it seems is as elusive as hens teeth. You’ve possibly read the instructions here and here is the rest of the process:-

Once you’ve selected “Replace an accessory” you’ll need to pick your device. Assuming you’ve already registered you just have to click on your Surface Pro 4 here. Then you’ll see choices for categories “Pens and Loops”, “Docking Station”, “Other”. You’ll need to select Docking Station and you may get a popup asking you to enter a product number. Of course you don’t have a product number for a product you don’t have so don’t panic. When you select that you don’t have a product number ignore the warnings that your product will be considered out of warranty. What should happen on the next screen is that only one product is available which is the adapter at an extravagant £0.00. You’ll also have to pay postage – for the UK this is £4 (+VAT). There is a drop down box for shipping type but this has only a single choice “No Action Required”, enter your shipping details and proceed to pay.

I guess £4 is the “price of inaction” 🙂

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP