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Data Settings for Nokia Lumia 930 O2 UK (Pay Monthly)

When I first setup this phone and swapped my account over to a new nano-SIM I received a message from O2 that my data and picture messaging settings couldn’t be automatically setup (don’t you just love progress). I had to get the manual settings and now the phone is working as expected. However I thought I’d post them here because they are different to ones I’ve seen posted before and the instructions sent by O2 actually are for older versions of Windows Phone and the names of some items have changed. So here goes…

Tap Settings > mobile + SIM

Tap SIM Settings

Set “Manual Internet APN” to On

Tap “add Internet APN” (or “edit Internet APN” if you tried already). Set the following fields:-

APN = “”

Username – “o2web”

Password = “password”

Authentication type = PAP

Proxy server (URL) – leave blank

Proxy port – leave blank

IP type = IPv4

Tap the Save button

For MMS tap the “add MMS APN” or “edit MMS APN” button

APN = “”

Username = “o2wap”

Password = “password”

Authentication type = PAP

WAP gateway (URL) = “”

WAP gateway port = 8080

MMSC (URL) = “”

MMSC port = 8002

Maximum MMS size – leave blank

IP type = IPv4

Tap the save button

You should now have working mobile data on your shiny new 930…

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP