April Fool

April Fools: More Details on Windows Phone 7 Cut and Paste Alternative

The news that Windows Phone 7 would release with no Cut and Paste functionality generated a lot of outcry but we were promised an alternative system which can recognise common information types and perform appropriate actions. The actual implementation was not demonstrated however some screenshots have emerged from an upcoming build featuring the “Content Assistant” which give an idea of how the feature will work in the final release. The design is based on extensive user research and experience of providing context aware functionality within other Microsoft products. The designers were keen to continue the friendly and personal design ethic which underpins Windows Phone 7.

“We wanted Windows Phone 7 Content Assistant to have a personality which users could really relate to and feel reassured that help was always on hand when performing common tasks” Avril Belachelijk – Senior User Experiences Ideator

The system will highlight recognised data such as phone numbers and the user can tap to see actions they can perform. The leaked screenshot is available here:-

By Peter Freeman Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP