Antialisasing and .NETCF

On the newsgroup, a developer asked if it was possible to use antialiasing on a Label font. By default on Windows Mobile the text does not use antialiasing unless you turn on the global ClearType option under Settings > System > Screen > ClearType. The platform has the capability to smooth fonts, we just need an easy way to specify the quality from our code. The System.Drawing.Font class doesn’t support this directly, but Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms contains a wrapper for the native LOGFONT structure in the LogFont class. There is a static method on the Font class of FromLogFont(object o) which when passed a Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.LogFont will draw the font with the specified options. The following code shows setting three labels with default quality, antialiasing and cleartype, the following screen grab shows the result from my device screen:-Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.LogFont lf = new Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.LogFont();lf.FaceName = “Tahoma”;

lf.Height = 48;

lf.Quality = Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.LogFontQuality.Default;

label1.Font = Font.FromLogFont(lf);

Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.LogFont lf2 = new Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.LogFont();

lf2.FaceName = “Tahoma”;

lf2.Height = 48;

lf2.Quality = Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.LogFontQuality.AntiAliased;

label2.Font = Font.FromLogFont(lf2);

Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.LogFont lf3 = new Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.LogFont();lf3.FaceName = “Tahoma”;

lf3.Height = 48;

lf3.Quality = Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.LogFontQuality.ClearType;

label3.Font = Font.FromLogFont(lf3);

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP