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Context Menu Extensions Windows Mobile 2003 versus Windows Mobile 5.0/6

One of the features of Mobile In The Hand is the ability to add context menu extension handlers for the PIM applications from managed code. One of the problems with implementing this feature is that the behaviour of these applications varies subtly between versions and these differences are rarely documented from the developers perspective.

One of these issues is the way that context menu extensions work with regard to multiple item selection. In Windows Mobile 2003 the Tasks and Contacts applications allow the user to select multiple items on Pocket PC using the stylus. When the context menu extension is called you can get the Oids of all the items selected. However in Windows Mobile 5.0 the Contacts user interface was changed and no longer supports multiple selection, but Tasks still behaves as before (Tasks has always been the neglected application of Pocket Outlook – just look at how limited Tasks was on Smartphones prior to Windows Mobile 6 Standard). However if you select multiple tasks on Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6 the context menu will only get the Oid of the first item. You therefore need to set your (and your users) expectations when using Context Menus within your solutions.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP