TomTom In The Hand 6.1

I’ve been a bit quiet over the past few weeks, on vacation and at the Microsoft MVP Summit. I’ve also been working on the TomTom In The Hand library and today have released a new version.

It turns out that TomTom SDK 6 shipped with a known bug that prevents you from passing negative co-ordinates into any of the methods (returned values were okay). At the moment I believe that our library is the only one which has a fix for this bug which was a major headache for developers. You can now use TomTom through this library wherever you reside in the world (assuming you have map coverage of course) without making any changes to your existing code.

This release also adds some new functionality – The RawGpsReceived event on the Navigator object allows you to receive NMEA data from TomTom which allows you to share this data if you are not already using a multiplexer such as the Windows Mobile 5.0 GPS service or Franson GPS Gate or similar.

By Peter Freeman Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP