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What’s New For Managed Developers In Windows Mobile 6 (Part 3)

Thankfully after the previous false-start the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs are now back online and here to stay.

In the last post, I looked at new properties in the Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Status namespace. It turns out that there are some minor improvements in the Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Forms namespace too. The ChooseContactDialog gets a few new properties:-

  • FilterRequiredProperties – When true only contacts with the properties specified for RequiredProperties will be shown. This was default behaviour in Windows Mobile 5.0

  • EnableGlobalAddressListLookup – When true allows the user to also search the GAL (if available)

  • IncrementalFilter – Contains the text of the filter box at the top of the dialog.

  • NoUI – No UI is shown at all (Not sure exactly why you’d want to do this…).

  • NoUIOnSingleOrNoMatch – If only a single outcome is possible the ShowDialog method returns immediately without prompting the user.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP