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What’s New For Managed Developers In Windows Mobile 6 (Part 2)

When I previously posted the list of additional system properties I was using the Windows Mobile 6 SDK Documentation as a reference. Well it turns out that there are even more new properties, you can view them using Object Browser in your project but they aren’t included in the documentation. The other new properties are:-

  • CameraEnabled – This in addition to existing CameraPresent property
  • CellularSystemAvailable1xrtt
  • CellularSystemAvailableEdge
  • CellularSystemAvailableEvdo
  • CellularSystemAvailableEvdv
  • CellularSystemAvailableGprs
  • CellularSystemAvailableHsdpa
  • CellularSystemAvailableUmts
  • CellularSystemConnected1xrtt
  • CellularSystemConnectedEdge
  • CellularSystemConnectedEvdo
  • CellularSystemConnectedEvdv
  • CellularSystemConnectedGprs
  • CellularSystemConnectedHsdpa
  • CellularSystemConnectedUmts
  • ClamshellClosed
  • DeviceLocked
  • KeyLocked
  • LockStates – A combination of flags for Device, Key and Sim locks
  • SimLocked
  • PhoneTalkingCallStartTime


By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP