Windows Mobile

What’s New For Managed Developers In Windows Mobile 6

At first glance it doesn’t appear there are any new goodies in the managed code libraries for Windows Mobile 6. But wait, there are – SystemState has gained a few new properties which allow you to monitor the state of:-

  • BluetoothStateA2DPConnected

  • BluetoothStateDiscoverable

  • BluetoothStateHandsFreeAudio

  • BluetoothStateHandsFreeControl

  • BluetoothStateHardwarePresent

  • BluetoothStatePowerOn


  • WiFiStateConnected

  • WiFiStateConnecting

  • WiFiStateHardwarePresent

  • WiFiStateNetworksAvailable

  • WiFiStatePowerOn

Another noticable enhancement, which isn’t really part of the managed APIs, is that the dialog for Task items (Task.ShowDialog()) is now much more useful on Smartphone (sorry Standard Edition) in that it has an Edit option with the ability to set properties such as Priority, Status, Reminder etc. These have always been present in Pocket PC (oops Professional Edition) and sorely lacking from Smartphone prior to WM6.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP