Here in Las Vegas for MEDC2006

I’m partly blogging to show I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth (yesterday was a near miss though), and partly to plug MEDC2006 which is starting today in Las Vegas.

Being somewhat of a cheapskate I opted for an indirect flight here, the first leg, a mere 8 hours or so from London to Minneapolis went almost without a hitch (in fact we were early), it was all downhill from there. The second flight loaded up and taxied out towards the runway. We then had a message from the captain to tell us that his pre-flight checks indicated that the plane had no hydraulic fluid at all, which could be a bit of a bugger for steering the plane. Thankfully he decided that it would be a bad idea to try. So we then taxied back to the terminal and piled off the plane. Luckily there was another plane available, although because it was a subtly different flavour of 757 they had to reassign many of the seats. So that makes it my 16th plane in the last 2 months, I think after Vegas I’ll have a bit of a break from air travel for a while!

So now although still tired I’m ready and looking forward to the cool stuff this week has to offer. I’ll be helping out on the MVP Cabana on Wednesday and Thursday, and hanging out with fellow MVPs and OpenNETCF folk.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP