OpenNETCF.IO in SDF 2.0

As well as the revolutionary changes in the SDF v2.0, some of which are simply only made possible by improvements in .NETCF v2.0, we have used this opportunity to make a number of evolutionary changes too. For example I’m going to take a quick trip through the file functionality in the OpenNETCF.IO namespace:-

DriveInfo – This is a new class which mimics functionality new in the desktop framework v2.0 and replaces previous separate classes for StorageCard and ObjectStore information. You can use it in two ways, use the constructor which takes a path and pass in the path of your storage device e.g. “” or “Storage Card” or you can use the static GetDrives() method which will return an array of all devices. A pleasant side-effect of this is that you can data-bind to this array of DriveInfo objects.

OpenNETCF.IO.DriveInfo[] di = OpenNETCF.IO.DriveInfo.GetDrives();
dataGrid1.DataSource = di;

File2 – To follow accepted naming behaviour we have stopped using Ex as a name suffix and so instead our classes which overlap existing classes in .NETCF have the 2 suffix. I have added some additional helper methods which are found on the desktop to quickly read/write whole files – ReadAllText / ReadAllLines and WriteAllText / WriteAllLines.

File2.WriteAllText(filename, textBox1.Text);

FileSystemWatcher – We’ve made some improvements here so that all the various event combinations are correctly raised. Also we have built in designer support for VS2005 so you can drop a FileSystemWatcher onto your form and hook up the events in the designer.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP