Windows Mobile

Reading E-Mail Through MAPI on Windows Mobile 5

Here is another issue I’ve been banging my head against a brick wall with and the workaround – although it’s not a pleasant workaround by any measure.

To read the body text of an email message under WM2003 you open the PR_BODY property of the message and this gets you the plain text body of the message, no headers, no fancy encoding – just the facts! However in Windows Mobile 5 this now returns an empty stream. So how do we get at the body of the message, the Messaging application certainly knows how to. Well the answer from Microsoft is that although this change in behaviour is not documented you must now change your approach. Instead you need to access the PR_CE_MIME_TEXT property (defined in cemapi.h). This contains the entire message, header and all, and may require you to deal with mime encoded body. My first impression of this is that it’s a backwards step which unnecessarily breaks existing code, you’d expect the API to deal with the underlying implementation and decoding and have the properties such as PR_BODY exposed to the outside world. Ah well, progress I guess…

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP