DDD Day 2 Wrapup

I really enjoyed DDD Day 2 on Saturday. I hope my session was useful and can help raise some interest in the possibilities (and challenges) provided by using Bluetooth for peer-to-peer networking. My slides are available to download here:-

BluetoothDDD2.ppt (107.5 KB)

Since I’m new to public speaking I’d really appreciate your feedback on the session so that I can improve my technique. There is an online feedback form on the DDD Day 2 website which I encourage all attendees to spend a few moments on.

It was difficult to choose which sessions to pick as there were a few clashes on my must-see list. Also some of the sessions had a limited capacity and required registration, which filled up very quickly. But those other sessions I did catch were very interesting, the Avalon and AJAX sessions were quite inspiring. Many of the other speakers and attendees are posting their thoughts on the event, there are also some photos.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP

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The content of your talk was excellent and I think a lot of people came out of there having learnt something about connecting via bluetooth. I know I certainly did.

The only think you needed that you didn’t have on the day was a mic… I struggled to hear you at times, but that would have solved the issue. Not to worry though. Well done!


Peter – an excellent talk, especially considering the short time you had. You inspired me to give BT a go today, and after writing some code to use it on a SPV C500, I think I’ve discovered a bug in your library. I checked the IsSupported property – which is being returned as ‘true’. Excellent I thought. However, after having problems with getting it working, I checked the Manufacturer property, which came up as Broadcom. As you said, it only supports the MS BT stack – so I can’t use it.

Apart from that, the library seems really useful – any plans to extend it to other stacks?

Thanks again for a great talk.



The Manufacturer property returns the hardware manufacturer in the radio chip – the C500 uses a Broadcom chip but runs the Microsoft stack. I’m definately looking at extending the support to other stacks.


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