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Comparing Windows Mobile APIs

To illustrate how the WindowsMobile In The Hand is a subset of the Windows Mobile 5.0 APIs I’ve modified this class diagram for the Windows Mobile 5.0 APIs to ghost out those which are not supported in WindowsMobile In The Hand on earlier devices. The key differences are in support for system state events and in the number of properties supported – there is no easy way to do events for these system properties without a lot of polling which is bad. Also it lacks many new properties on the PIM items (such as Photos for contacts) including the ability to add custom properties – this is based on a lot of work on the underlying POOM APIs which would not be feasable to replicate on older devices.

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In a future post we will look at what is added beyond the standard Windows Mobile 5.0 APIs.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP

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The differences there are that the code I wrote for the OpenNETCF Telephony library include the SIM and SMS APIs. Of the remainder there are rough equations between:-
InTheHand.WindowsMobile.Telephony.Phone – OpenNETCF.Phone.Phone
InTheHand.WindowsMobile.Telephony.CallHistory – OpenNETCF.Phone.CallLog

In the InTheHand.WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook library there is code to read local SMS messages in the folder structure beneath the SMS account. You can also create a new SmsMessage and send it.


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