Compiled Documentation for OpenNETCF Libraries

With the release of the Smart Device Framework v1.3 the compiled help documentation was no longer included in the installer. I’ve built a standalone installer to install the full collection of documentation into your Visual Studio help. This release includes:-

  • OpenNETCF Smart Device Framework v1.3
  • OpenNETCF Application Blocks v1.0
  • OpenNETCF Desktop Communication
  • Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms

  • The full package is approximately 5mb but once installed makes it much quicker to search than using the online version. It installs with either Visual Studio 2003 or Visual Studio 2005 Beta, Download it here.

    By Peter Foot

    Microsoft Windows Development MVP

    2 replies on “Compiled Documentation for OpenNETCF Libraries”

    Great,it’s done!
    But it seems still have some problem, it’s missing OpenNETCF.IO.Serial.GPS namespace

    I’ll work on expanding the content and releasing more regular revisions, the next version will have the GPS classes along with some other descriptions and text which was missed in this release.


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