SDF 1.3 Known Issues

Firstly an apology to recent visitors to our website, we’ve just moved to a new server and are experiencing teething problems, so currently OpenNETCF forums and blogs are not working.

This post is designed to highlight a few issues found with v1.3 and workarounds (if possible), I expect we will produce a refresh release shortly to resolve these:-

  • OpenNETCF.Configuration – in order to use these classes you’ll need to replace the windowsconfigmachine.config file with an amended version which correctly references the v1.3 runtimes (
  • OpenNETCF.VisualBasic – This assembly is unusable in the compact framework as it references the desktop version of mscorlib.dll. No current workaround (other than using the functionality from elsewhere in the SDF since all of the methods here are wrappers to other parts of the SDF
  • OpenNETCF.WindowsCE.Forms – It appears this assembly is not correctly registered in the GAC on devices, this will cause a TypeLoadException when you reference a class from this library. To workaround this you can manually copy the assembly to your program folder on the device e.g. over activesync or add to your project as “Content” file
  • All assemblies appear as “Smart Device Framework” in the add reference dialog. If you scroll across (you may need to extend the columns) to the path you’ll be able to determine the name of each assembly.
  • IDE Plugins for v1.3 may not correctly install on your machine. You may find the custom menu items don’t do anything when clicked. You can still access all of the SDF and Application Blocks functionality by manually adding references to your project through the Add Reference dialog
  • (Update) Integrated help is not included in the v1.3 installer. However I’ve built a standalone installer with compiled help for all our libraries.

Please use our bug submission tool if you encounter other errors, and try to give as much detail as possible. We will try and make arrangements for a refresh release shortly to overcome these issues, thanks for your patience.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP

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Hi Peter,

I am currently working on a project with bluetooth that might interest you. I couldn’t find your contact info, so if you could drop me off an e-mail I’d like to discuss a couple things with you.



I installed smart framework 1.3 but the components are not enabled (on IDE).
Is there a way to overcome that?
tnx a lot in advance

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