ADOCE In The Hand v1.7 Completed

The ADOCE wrapper is the first of our libraries to be updated with full support for Visual Studio 2005 Beta, integrating both the libraries and the help content.

The main update is the v1.7 version of the COM Interop library which now has functionality for translating domain specific HResults into particular exception types, previously any ADO errors would result in a cryptic error code. I’ve also added some functionality to upsize databases from Pocket Access to Sql Server CE (.sdf).

The v1.7 interop library shipped with the WindowsMobile community preview and will be used with the upcoming update of PocketOutlook In The Hand along with some further cool Windows Mobile stuff…

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP

One reply on “ADOCE In The Hand v1.7 Completed”

I have problems upsizing most .cbd databases. The database name is created, but the tables and data are not added. The file is a SQLCE databse 40k in size, but is an empty database. Any suggestions or others with the same problem. I have been able to upsize one.cdb databases, but most will not correctly upsize.

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