SDF v1.3 for Visual Studio 2005

So, I’ve heard a few requests for VS2005 support for the SDF. The reason we don’t have this fully integrated into VS2005 yet is because the extensibility model is significantly changed from VS2003, and since it’s a Beta product is still changing. Therefore we’ll have a fully integrated installer nearer to the release of VS2005.

In the mean time you can pull the dlls off of a machine with VS2003 and SDF v1.3 installed, or grab them here in a zip file. These are the exact same dlls as you’ll get in the v1.3 setup. Just to set your expectations you wont get automatic deployment of the SDF cab files (these are included in the zip for manual deployment). You also won’t get the full designer experience – if you use any of our forms controls you’ll have to add it through code.

If you encounter any issues using this version from within VS2005, be sure to file a bug report, and make sure you tell us what version of the .NETCF you are targetting (1 or 2) and what platform type (Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone etc) and which version of VS2005, though I wouldn’t recommend using anything prior to Beta 2 now it is available.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP