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Windows Mobile 5.0 Managed APIs

The much anticipated update to Windows Mobile has been announced by Bill Gates this morning. This new platform will be the first platform from Microsoft to include device specific managed APIs in ROM (separate from the .NET Compact Framework itself). These allow access to configuration, telephony, pocket outlook etc from managed code.

But what about existing devices? To add to our existing PocketOutlook library we have produced a WindowsMobile suite which includes a large proportion of WindowsMobile 5.0 APIs for previous versions. More details are available here.

As well as supporting older generations of Windows Mobile, the suite also supports Windows Mobile 5.0, and one library in particular InTheHand.WindowsMobile.Gps provides a managed wrapper around the native GPS API in Windows Mobile 5.0

In due time the PocketOutlook library v1.7 will be released with an object model more closely aligned to Windows Mobile 5.0 APIs.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP