Some new OpenNETCF code

I’ve uploaded to our online source browser some of the new code which will feature in the next Smart Device Framework release. This includes a new library for WindowsCE specific functionality, designed to match the new functionality available in the Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms assembly in the .NET Compact Framework v2.0 which is currently in Beta with Visual Studio 2005.

For Smartphone developers this includes the InputModeEditor which allows you to set a specific input mode for an edit control. Therefore when the control receives focus, the required input mode is automatically selected for the user – useful for numeric only fields or a field where you want to capture some form of text but know that T9 would be inappropriate.

For Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition the SystemSettings class allows you to easily change the screen orientation with a single statement:-

SystemSettings.ScreenOrientation = ScreenOrientation.Angle90;

There are also some changes to existing classes – specifically the RegistryKey has had a number of useful changes:-

  • ToString now matches the behaviour on the full .NET Framework (In the current release there is a subtle difference in the format of the string returned)

  • CreateSubKey allows you to create volatile registry keys on supported Windows CE 5.0 systems.

  • GetValue now correctly returns DWORD values as an Int32 rather than UInt32, this is now consistent with the desktop and makes life a lot easier.

  • We have a full implementation of GetValueKind and the RegistryValueKind enumeration – this functionality is part of the full .NET Framework v2.0 Beta but we are making it available now for .NETCF v1.0

All of this code is currently available in the source tree which you can browse online. Object model documentation has also been updated in the online library – which now exceeds 6000 individual pages. Expect to see all this code built into the next binary release.

By Peter Freeman Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP