New .NET Compact Framework poster available for download

Its been a bit of a moving target but I’ve finally released a current version of the .NET Compact Framework Versions poster. The aim is to show a fairly detailed view of the functionality available in .NET Compact Framework v1.0, that which is expected in v2.0, and the functionality available in the next version of Windows Mobile. This is contrasted against the functionality available now in the OpenNETCF Smart Device Framework v1.2.

The poster is divided into two main sections, the functionality which is unique to the Smart Device Framework is down the righthand side in the blue section. The increasing functionality in the .NET Compact Framework from v1.0, v2.0 and functionality specific to future Windows Mobile devices is arranged down the left in increasing intensities of green.

A number of our Smart Device Framework classes are not wholly unique and either extend those available in the Compact Framework v1.0, or directly match those which will form a part of the Compact Framework v2.0. These are shown on the diagram in Blue – To avoid naming conflicts these have the “Ex” prefix on their name, and our root namespace is “OpenNETCF” as apposed to “System” or “Microsoft”.

All of the future functionality is subject to change since these are based on functionality which has been announced and things may be added, removed or re-architected between now and the Compact Framework v2.0 (and future Windows Mobile) being released. Therefore it is likely that this diagram will be periodically updated to keep it accurate. Of course it is likely that during this time the Smart Device Framework may gain additional functionality too, so this just represents a current snapshot of the functionality available to developers. It is worth noting that the Compact Framework has a growing community of third-party controls and components which are not included on this diagram, many of these also add functionality to the v1.0 framework which either pre-empts v2.0 or future Windows Mobile specific functionality, or adds whole new functionality than that show on this diagram. There is a section in the Wiki which lists some of these (and you are welcome to contribute to the wiki)

.NET Compact Framework Versions Poster .NET Compact Framework Versions (PDF 422kb)
Compares the functionality available in the .NET Compact Framework v1.0, v2.0, Windows Mobile v.Next and the OpenNETCF Smart Device Framework.
Since .NET Compact Framework v2.0 and Windows Mobile v.Next are not yet released these details are subject to change and are based on recent public announcements and the functionality available in Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP