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UK Tablet PC ISV Challenge – Judging Complete

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been down to Microsoft’s UK headquarters in Reading as a member of the judging panel for this interesting Tablet PC competition.

Entrants were given the ability to purchase a subsidised Tablet PC and develop an application which they felt was perfect for the Tablet PC platform. The first week we looked over many entries aimed at a whole range of vertical markets, this was reduced to a shortlist of 10 entrants who came in this week to give a short presentation to the panel and get a chance to explain their projects in more detail and demonstrate some of the Tablet PC specific features.

There can be only one winner of course, they will receive the chance to travel to Microsoft’s HQ in Redmond and meet with the Tablet PC team. I can’t tell you who that is yet as it will be announced at the Tablet PC event in Heathrow next Tuesday. It was a really interesting experience to see the range of things people are planning to use Tablet applications for.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP