Visual Studio 2005 Team System and new source control system

Steve Ballmer officially unveiled “Visual Studio 2005 Team System” which is a collection of tools around Visual Studio, previously code-named Burton. There’s more juicy details on Korby’s weblog.

Part of this is a new source control system code-named “Hatteras” which is based on SQL Server. This is used both to track work items and source code checkins, there is even an ASP.NET interface into the system, and of course full integration into Visual Studio itself.

Looking through the juicy documentation on the recently opened Team System website, one of the clear messages you get is that the system is designed for all the different roles within a team – there are tools for architecture, development, project management and testing but they all integrate together.

While none of this is specific to Smart Device development this looks like an interesting suite of technologies for any software team.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP