At In The Hand Ltd we specialise in software development for mobile and IoT computing. Our close links with Microsoft enable us to work with the latest versions of the tools and technologies available. Currently we are using the following technologies:-

.NET MAUI and Xamarin – We have built numerous applications for iOS and Android using .NET and Xamarin.

Windows – We were involved in a number of launch applications for Windows Phone and continue to work with the latest Windows 10 and 11 platforms.

GPS and Navigation – We have integrated navigation into in-vehicle applications for line of business solutions. We’ve also built person tracking software for at-risk users for multiple mobile device platforms.

.NET – We have been writing software for .NET from the very first beta releases of the .NET Compact Framework up to the current .NET 6.0 and beyond.

Personal Area Networking – We have developed solutions using Bluetooth®, Infrared, NFC and similar technologies. In The Hand Ltd are members of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

SQL – We have used SQL Server, SQLite and other mobile database engines to provide robust data storage for intermittently connected devices.