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Pontoon – Yet More Platforms

What started as a Windows project (unifying the then separate Phone and PC APIs) has since expanded through the Xamarin platforms (iOS and Android) and beyond. The latest NuGet package adds Apple tvOS, macOS and the recently announced Tizen .NET Preview. The usual caveat applies that not all platforms support all functionality but there is […]

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Pontoon – Available Functionality

As with the Universal Windows Platform itself, Pontoon has a rich API which supports functionality which may not be available on all platforms. There are two reasons for this – either the platform doesn’t natively support the feature or I just haven’t got around to implementing it yet. There is a simple mechanism to test […]

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Introducing Pontoon – A flexible bridge to the Universal Windows Platform

I first created the “Charming” libraries for Windows Phone in order to add some APIs which were added to Windows 8 but not available on phone. Many of the early ones┬áreplicated the “Charms” related functionality (Sharing/Search/Settings)┬áhence the silly name. When I created version 9 about a year ago I consolidated lots of separate libraries into […]