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P/Invoke Wiki Update

Chris has setup a Wiki for OpenNETCF, I’ve added a few topics to sample how P/Invokes may be presented. There will be a lot more work to do to get the template just right but I wanted to ensure the following was included for each entry by default:-

  • C# definition
  • VB definition
  • Equivalent managed functionality. This will point to the .NETCF class you can use to avoid P/Invoking in the first place or the OpenNETCF class which implements the P/Invoke.
  • Link to full description in SDK. Microsoft have placed online in the MSDN library the CE.NET 4.2, Pocket PC and Smartphone SDKs which describe the functions and their arguments and usage.

Because of the nature of a Wiki there is an opportunity to easy tag additional information on, for example Samples or articles which directly apply to the function.


P/Invoke Wiki

Heres an interesting concept:-

It’s a Wiki solely devoted to collecting P/Invoke declarations for API functions. It’s desktop windows specific of course. I’ve been thinking about something like this that we could host at to provide a searchable reference to Windows CE P/Invokes – should we start a P/Invoke Wiki?