NFC Text tags on WinRT

To follow the last post I thought I would quickly round it off by looking at the code required to listen for tags on a Windows 8/RT device. Devices with NFC built in are like hens teeth but one such RT device exists in the Asus VivoTab RT. Because it’s an RT device that means […]

NFC – Simple text tags on Windows Phone

This article follows on from the last post on NFC to dig a little deeper on Windows Phone and Windows 8 (both of which share the same APIs for NFC). Requirement or just Capability In Windows Phone you have to add the ID_CAP_PROXIMITY capability to your app to use NFC. What about the ID_REQ_NFC requirement? […]

Cross Platform NFC

NFC support in Windows Phone provides an exciting new way to add interactivity to apps and games. This series of posts will look at the state of NFC across the Windows and Android platforms. There are a number of standard Tag types defined by the NDEF format, for the sake of simplicity we’ll ignore the […]