How To: Programmatically Scroll Controls

A number of controls within .NETCF have built in ScrollBars. Occasionally you may want to operate these programmatically on behalf of the user. When you do this you want both the control to scroll and the scrollbars to correctly reflect the current position. Faced with this requirement I found a solution in the WM_VSCROLL (and […]

WirelessManager sample

Mobile In The Hand 3.0 has just been released. This is the latest version of our .NET Compact Framework library for working with all aspects of Windows Mobile. This latest version is optimised for .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and 3.5 and introduces a number of new classes. One of these is the WirelessManager which allows […]

How To: Use the WebRequestMethods class

Networking In The Hand introduces a repository for all the various method types for FTP and HTTP operations. While the common ones are easy to remember (“GET”,”POST” etc) many others are not, and so this class (like its desktop equivalent) provides a central place to refer to them, without dotting your code with hard-coded strings. […]

How To: Use the FtpWebRequest

Networking In The Hand includes a full desktop-compatible implementation of the FtpWebRequest class. This plugs into the WebRequest class so that calling WebRequest.Create() with an FTP Uri will create an object of type FtpWebRequest. Because FTP support isn’t built into the Compact Framework you have to register the class with this prefix using the the […]

How To: Use the WebClient

Networking In The Hand includes the WebClient class which is a helper class which makes it easier to do uploading and downloading of data using HTTP and FTP transports. For example rather than creating an HttpWebRequest, setting a number of properties, getting the response and reading the response stream and copying the data into a […]

How To: Use the Ping class

Networking In The Hand includes the Ping class (In the InTheHand.Net.NetworkInformation namespace). The component allows you to determine if a network path to a particular host is available and whether the host is responding. It doesn’t guarantee that a particular service is running on the server (HTTP, FTP etc). You can perform a Ping in a […]

How To: Use the AuthenticationDialog

Networking In The Hand 2.0 offers a new dialog which allows you to prompt the user for networking credentials. The dialog is designed for the best appearance depending on your platform, for example the screenshots below show both Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC and Windows Mobile 6 Standard Landscape:-       If your application stores […]