Orange SPV C500 ROM Update – Go get it!

Spotted over at MoDaCo, Orange have released an updated ROM which fixes the GAPI issues on the device and a few other fixes:- Videos can be sent via MMS Flickering issue in games has now been fixed Packet video full screen mode and backlight fix Improved memory management of the camera and video applications Improved […]

Keep your Smartphone backlight on

If your application involves displaying screen content you probably have come across the issue where the screen backlight turns off after a few seconds of no keypresses. You can override this behaviour in your application using a couple of underdocumented API Power-Management functions. Here is a VB.NET snippet for .NETCF to keep the backlight on:- […]

Vibration and Pocket PC devices

A number of Pocket PC devices support Vibration as an alert method, most (but not all) are Phone Edition devices. The Vibrate class in the OpenNETCF.Notification library is specific to Smartphone devices only. However the good news is that the Vibrate functionality is implemented as a notification Led so you can control the vibration using […]