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Here in Las Vegas for MEDC2006

I’m partly blogging to show I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth (yesterday was a near miss though), and partly to plug MEDC2006 which is starting today in Las Vegas.

Being somewhat of a cheapskate I opted for an indirect flight here, the first leg, a mere 8 hours or so from London to Minneapolis went almost without a hitch (in fact we were early), it was all downhill from there. The second flight loaded up and taxied out towards the runway. We then had a message from the captain to tell us that his pre-flight checks indicated that the plane had no hydraulic fluid at all, which could be a bit of a bugger for steering the plane. Thankfully he decided that it would be a bad idea to try. So we then taxied back to the terminal and piled off the plane. Luckily there was another plane available, although because it was a subtly different flavour of 757 they had to reassign many of the seats. So that makes it my 16th plane in the last 2 months, I think after Vegas I’ll have a bit of a break from air travel for a while!

So now although still tired I’m ready and looking forward to the cool stuff this week has to offer. I’ll be helping out on the MVP Cabana on Wednesday and Thursday, and hanging out with fellow MVPs and OpenNETCF folk.

MEDC 2006 Websites are Live

The conference website is now live at Registration is now open along with details of the pre-conference session. Full session details for the conference tracks are not up yet, but you can subscribe to the RSS feeds for Application Development, Embedded and Device Management tracks. See you in Vegas in May!

And for those of us in Europe the European MEDC conference which will take place in June in Nice also have a website and registration is now open –

MEDC 2006 Europe

[via Jason Langridge]

MEDC will be returning to a dedicated conference for Europe this year, last year saw a number of one day events and in 2004 MDC was a thread within Tech Ed Europe.


Details are fairly basic at this early stage but if you are interested I suggest signing the “guestbook” so that you will be notified as more information becomes available.

DDD Day 2 Wrapup

I really enjoyed DDD Day 2 on Saturday. I hope my session was useful and can help raise some interest in the possibilities (and challenges) provided by using Bluetooth for peer-to-peer networking. My slides are available to download here:-

BluetoothDDD2.ppt (107.5 KB)

Since I’m new to public speaking I’d really appreciate your feedback on the session so that I can improve my technique. There is an online feedback form on the DDD Day 2 website which I encourage all attendees to spend a few moments on.

It was difficult to choose which sessions to pick as there were a few clashes on my must-see list. Also some of the sessions had a limited capacity and required registration, which filled up very quickly. But those other sessions I did catch were very interesting, the Avalon and AJAX sessions were quite inspiring. Many of the other speakers and attendees are posting their thoughts on the event, there are also some photos.

Developer Developer Developer Day Session

The agenda for DDD Day II has now been published and for some crazy reason folks voted for my Bluetooth with .NET session 🙂 I’ll be covering both the Bluetooth and Object Exchange components of the 32feet.NET suite, I wont touch on the IrDA part, but the code would be almost exactly the same. We’ll walk through discovery, client and server connections and sending/receiving objects, hopefully with some audience participation.

It’s a great priviledge to be selected along with such a great selection of excellent speakers so I have a lot to live up to! I now have to attempt to make my demonstration application absolutely bullet proof since it inexplicably failed when I gave a short session at the MVP Summit. But it wasn’t my code at fault honestly, it worked fine during lunch afterwards (I had several witnesses), obviously a result of the the sinister EM radiation around the Redmond campus… 🙂


New MSN APIs to debut Tuesday


At PDC on Tuesday (13th) Microsoft will unveil a new collection of APIs for it’s MSN services to be available from, these will include:-

  • MSN Search Web Services
  • MSN Messenger Activity API (already available here)
  • MSN Virtual Earth API

The last item is interesting. Firstly it sounds like this will be a “proper” documented API, rather than the jscript hacks currently available. Secondly it is being offered free for both commercial and non-commercial use. It is interesting therefore to see how it stacks up against it’s big brother Mappoint Web Service for simple commercial applications.

Speaking of which, the new version of Mappoint Web Service (4.0) will also be released at PDC. New features include support for polygons, some new map styles, and further extensions to the mapping coverage.

[Update] MWS 4.0 SDK is available:-