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Writing Provisioning XML for Windows Mobile

This recent article discussed one of the ways you can use XML provisioning data – through a cab file installation. You can also pass the XML to DMProcessConfigXML or ConfigurationManager.ProcessConfiguration in the managed world. But how about creating the XML? Well you could use notepad and code it all by hand as a worst-case-scenario. The […]

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SPB Clone Review

I’ve briefly mentioned SPB Clone here before as a method of deploying software across the enterprise. Fellow MVP Darryl Burling has completed a review of the product over at GeekZone which I recommend you read if you are facing the problem of deploying the same software across a large number of devices.

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No touch deployment with Pocket PC or “How I cancelled my dental appointment with Dr Johnson”

Earlier today I posted a link from the Windows Mobile Team blog on Pocket PC Thoughts on an article being produced to describe rolling out mobile devices to your enterprise. Here is some useful additional material with a more technical twist which didn’t seem appropriate to mix in with it. This applies only to deploying […]