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DataContractSerializer and Internal types

Under Silverlight only public types may be serialized with the DataContractSerializer. If you want to make your data classes internal to your assembly and serialise them for use in a WCF service you will find that the service call will fail at runtime with a SecurityException inside a misleading exception about inability to communicate with the service. There is a workaround however which involves exposing your internal types to the Silverlight base class libraries with the InternalsVisibleTo attribute. Simply add the following code to your AssemblyInfo.cs file:-

  1. [assembly: InternalsVisibleTo("System.Runtime.Serialization, PublicKey=00240000048000009400000006020000002400005253413100040000010001008d56c76f9e8649383049f383c44be0ec204181822a6c31cf5eb7ef486944d032188ea1d3920763712ccb12d75fb77e9811149e6148e5d32fbaab37611c1878ddc19e20ef135d0cb2cff2bfec3d115810c3d9069638fe4be215dbf795861920e5ab6f7db2e2ceef136ac23d5dd2bf031700aec232f6c6b1c785b4305c123b37ab")]

If you use the DataContractJsonSerializer you must also add the System.Servicemodel.Web assembly (the public key is the same).

Microsoft Surface Bluetooth Connect Code Sample

APPA Mundi recently worked with the Microsoft Surface team to put together a code sample showing the exchange of information from a Surface to a nearby Bluetooth enabled phone using standard protocols. This means that any phone which supports standard Object Exchange (OBEX) protocols can receive items from the Surface without installing any client software.

The sample code is available in the MSDN Code Gallery:-

This code sample is designed for use with the Microsoft Surface 1.0 SP1 SDK and makes use of the .NET Bluetooth library binary file available from The sample code is provided "as-is" and is not supported. Alongside the standard functionality in 32feet.NET the sample illustrates using the notifications supported in the desktop Windows API and shows how to consume these from within a WPF application (the API uses native Windows messages).