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APPA Mundi Awarded Microsoft Certified Partner Status

APPA Mundi has received Certified Partner status within the Microsoft Partner Program along with the Mobility Solutions competency. This achievement showcases APPA Mundi‚Äôs expertise in creating mobile solutions based on Microsoft technologies.

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Microsoft Certified Partner - Mobility Solutions

One of the reasons I have been busy lately and not blogging as feverishly as in previous months is that I have been, with my three MVP colleagues, busy building up our company – APPA Mundi Ltd. We all have a long history of working with Windows Mobile and we have combined forces to offer consulting, development and training services. You can read more about us and what we do on our website.

Triple Whammy

I was delighted to hear the results of the Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards. This year the SDF has won in both Pocket PC and Smartphone categories. It’s great to be involved in such a successful group project. Also I had a personal win with PocketOutlook In The Hand (now part of the WindowsMobile In The Hand suite) winning in the Smartphone .NET Developer Libraries category, along with 4 other entries reaching the Finalist stage.

Kudos to the Pocket Pc Magazine team and judges for organising the awards, it has been good to see the number of developer entries increase since the developer categories were introduced in 2003, and it will be interesting to see how this trend continues next year with Visual Studio 2005 and .NETCF v2.0 in full swing.