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  • Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x to be Discontinued

    If you publish apps on the old Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6.x you should have received reminders that the service will be discontinued in two weeks. If you have been using our Mobile In The Hand product with a managed code app there are a couple of issues to be aware of. Our libraries contain the...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 05-03-2012
  • Managing Processes and Memory With Mobile In The Hand 7.0

    .NET Compact Framework The Compact Framework provides the capability to start a separate process from your code, and stop it but it doesn’t give you more detailed information about what is running and what components are in use. Windows CE includes the optional ToolHelp component (present in all Windows...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 04-19-2011
  • Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding with Mobile In The Hand 7.0

    This is the first in a series of posts about Mobile In The Hand 7.0 which brings a collection of reusable components to the .NET Compact Framework. This latest version is updated to support all versions of Windows Mobile including Windows Embedded Handheld, All versions of Windows Embedded Compact (in...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 04-15-2011
  • 070-580: Windows Mobile 6.5 Application Development

    This may be a little late to the party but I thought I would share some information on this exam. Because you sign an NDA when you take the exam I cannot comment on specifics of the exam content, however I can offer some guidance on the study guide:-
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 05-24-2010
  • Mobile In The Hand 4.2 Released

    This latest update includes a number of performance enhancements and wider device compatibility. A new SystemEvents class is added in the InTheHand.Win32 namespace which allows you to monitor power changes on devices which do not support the State and Notifications Broker (Pocket PC 2003 and all Windows...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 05-10-2010
  • Configuring Microsoft Exchange Server for Mobility

    If you want to learn about configuring Exchange Server for mobile devices there is an interactive configuration guide which will work through the actions required depending on your platform and your specific requirements:-
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 05-03-2010
  • Mobile In The Hand 4.1

    While this week has very much been focussed on Windows Phone 7 so far we also released the latest version of our Mobile In The Hand suite for the .NET Compact Framework. Along with some bug-fixes (several around EmailMessage functionality) and performance improvements there are a lot of new features...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 03-16-2010
  • New Windows Mobile 6.5.3 DTK This Developer Tool Kit acts as an add-on to the Windows Mobile 6 SDK. It adds in Windows Mobile 6.5 and 6.5.3 samples, APIs and Emulators. The download link includes separate Professional...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 02-16-2010
  • Application and File Icons with Mobile In The Hand 4.0

    There are a number of scenarios in which you want to retrieve the icon associated with a particular executable or other file type. One example is when building a file browser, you might also want to extract the icon associated with your application or another. The full .NET framework contains Icon.ExtractAssociatedIcon...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 01-26-2010
  • Interesting Windows Phone News for MIX10

    There have been rumours floating around all over the web about Windows Phone future versions. Microsoft have remained tight lipped allowing various tech sites to come up with all sorts of fanciful stories. However a tantalising news snippet has appeared on Microsoft's website for MIX10 the conference...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 01-20-2010
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