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  • App Crashes on Launch as Beta (Works Side-loaded)

    I came across this issue with a test app which had been working fine either when debugging or deploying the XAP file directly. Then I set up a beta and when installed the app just starts and immediately stops. Since it took me some time to try a few things to identify the issue I thought Id share it here. The problem was that the app uses a ...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 02-06-2014
  • Charming Display

    The latest addition to the Build Charming Apps for Windows Phone libraries addresses a couple of properties required to support different screen sizes. I decided I wanted a simple way to retrieve the DPI and Scale factor (real not emulated) while working smoothly on devices prior to GDR3 where 1080p support was added. The result is a single ...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 02-04-2014
  • What does Commerce Expansion Adjustment mean to me?

    Windows Phone developers have received an email about the upcoming changes to make mobile operator billing available in more countries. In particular markets from March 2014 this means that there will be an additional deduction from your revenue for these specific markets when mobile billing is used (not for continued credit/debit card purchases). ...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 01-10-2014
  • Nokia DT-601 Review

    As part of the New Year tidy up I decided to add a wireless charging pad to my desk so that I can easily top up devices without too many trailing wires. I saw the new second generation DT-601 and thought it looked perfect - smaller than the original pad and with a USB interface which can go into a powered hub or optionally its own a/c adaptor. I ...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 01-10-2014
  • Tasks 1.81– Now with added programmability

    In the latest update to the Windows Phone Tasks app Ive added in some API features for other apps to hook into. This is facilitated by Windows Phone 8s support for custom Uri schemes the app supports the tasks: scheme and allows you to do a couple of useful things with it. You can use it both to launch the app and also to pre-populate the New ...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 12-30-2013
  • Linking to your other apps

    Using the Windows Phone SDK the only method to return a list of your other published apps (e.g. for your About page) is to use the MarketplaceSearchTask and specify your company name in the search criteria. The problem with this is that it doesnt return the actual publisher list but does a keyword search so you may find that a few other apps ...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 12-22-2013
  • Translating Windows Phone Features

    There are a number of steps when translating a Windows Phone app. Hopefully you are using the Microsoft Multilingual App Toolkit ( which supports the standard XLIFF format. Often you will start with your own language string resources and then add other languages, possibly first with ...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 12-06-2013
  • Launching System Features From Windows Store Apps

    In Windows Phone we have a number of Launchers and Choosers for interacting with system features. For the most part the approach used in Windows Store is to use special URI schemes to achieve the same end result and launch platform features. I've collated together a list below of some known ones. Some like maps are documented in detail, others ...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 12-03-2013
  • Detect When Running on Windows Simulator

    The Windows Simulator is a deployment target for Visual Studio which allows you to run your Windows Store apps in a simulated device. This allows you to test touch interaction and different screen sizes and orientations on your development machine. The way this works is that it creates a Remote Desktop session into your PC. This is why when you ...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 11-11-2013
  • Charming Storage for Windows Phone

    A tweet by @martinsuchan earlier reminded me of an issue I faced porting some code from Windows Phone to Windows Store. Moving from the Isolated Storage API to the new Windows.Storage namespace there was nothing built-in to determine if a file/folder exists prior to Windows 8.1. This meant the only supported option was to try and access the file ...
    Posted to Peter Foot (Weblog) by PeterFoot on 11-06-2013
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