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IStream Interface
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Provides the managed definition of the IStream interface.
Declaration Syntax
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public interface IStream
Public Interface IStream
All MembersMethods

Creates a new stream object with its own seek pointer that references the same bytes as the original stream.

Ensures that any changes made to a stream object that is open in transacted mode are reflected in the parent storage.

CopyTo(IStream, Int64, IntPtr, IntPtr)
Copies a specified number of bytes from the current seek pointer in the stream to the current seek pointer in another stream.

LockRegion(Int64, Int64, Int32)
Restricts access to a specified range of bytes in the stream.

Read(array<Byte>[]()[][], Int32, Int32%)
Reads a specified number of bytes from the stream object into memory starting at the current seek pointer.

Discards all changes that have been made to a transacted stream since the last Commit call.

Seek(Int64, Int32, IntPtr)
Changes the seek pointer to a new location relative to the beginning of the stream, to the end of the stream, or to the current seek pointer.

Changes the size of the stream object.

Stat(STATSTG%, Int32)
Retrieves the STATSTG structure for this stream.

UnlockRegion(Int64, Int64, Int32)
Removes the access restriction on a range of bytes previously restricted with the LockRegion(Int64, Int64, Int32) method.

Write(array<Byte>[]()[][], Int32, Int32%)
Writes a specified number of bytes into the stream object starting at the current seek pointer.

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