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EnableApplicationLauncher Method (applicationLaunchId, applicationFileName, arguments)
NamespacesInTheHand.WindowsMobileIApplicationLauncherEnableApplicationLauncher(String, String, String)
.NET Components for Mobility
Enables an application to be launched; using its launch ID, its file name, and the list of any parameters it might need.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual Basic
void EnableApplicationLauncher(
	string applicationLaunchId,
	string applicationFileName,
	string arguments
Sub EnableApplicationLauncher ( _
	applicationLaunchId As String, _
	applicationFileName As String, _
	arguments As String _
applicationLaunchId (String)
The Application Launch ID.
applicationFileName (String)
The path to executable to launch.
arguments (String)
The string of parameters to pass to launched application.

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