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zip Brecham ObexServer r6 -- support 32feet.NET Widcomm

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Date Added: 03-12-2010

Updated on Sunday 13th March.

Note, this is the server-side library, for the main client-side distribution see

From the readme:

An implementation of an OBEX Server using the Brecham.OBEX library.

Andy Hume, March 2010

This is a sample implementation of an OBEX Server using the Brecham.OBEX library. It includes the source for both the concrete implementation of both a PUT / Inbox Server and a GET / Folder Browsing server, as well as the implementation of base OBEX Server infrastructure.   A sample command-line program is also included which writes the files it receives to disk, and can handle GET of files and Folder Listings, and can listen on Bluetooth, IrDA, or TCP/IP.  A similar NETCF WinForms program is also included.

Things may change later on, but for now at least the code isn't a simple ‘create a new instance of this class, and it will do the job just like that’. With server side code I feel that there will always be some different behaviour wanted, for instance to write the received files to a MemoryStream instead of to disk, or to also support GET and SETPATH, or to listen or more protocol at once, or to support multi connections simultaneously, etc. To provide only a closed binary implementation would likely not be the most useful delivery. 

So I intend not to release an official complete version as such but instead let the community improve it as it sees fit. So the code here is provided to be added into your project, with some integration work likely needed.  Of course I welcome any changes to the code, let me have you diffs and I’ll integrate them for later version.  It could even become a CodePlex project if there was demand and support for that.

In brief the main changes in this version is support for running on 32feet.NET's new Widcomm support.


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