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These downloads are provided for legacy applications only. DO NOT USE ADOCE in new projects.
03-30-2007 7,750 Download
File Size 399.2kB
Simple code sample using the GPS object. Shows reacting to events on location change and logging the current location to the screen.
03-04-2008 6,499 Download
File Size 8.1kB
03-04-2008 4,439 Download
File Size 7.9kB
Sample Wireless Manager application using the InTheHand.WindowsMobile.Net.WirelessManager class in Mobile In The Hand 3.0
11-13-2007 2,493 Download
File Size 11.6kB
Powerpoint deck from session "An Open Discussion of Networking Technologies in Windows Mobile"
11-07-2007 1,386 Download
File Size 831.1kB
09-14-2011 1,243 Download
File Size 268kB
11-08-2007 831 Download
File Size 59.7kB
Additional sample for Mobile In The Hand 4.0 to demonstrate intercepting incoming emails.
01-11-2010 734 Download
File Size 8.8kB
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