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Microsoft Mobile Development Handbook - Andy Wigley, Daniel Moth, Peter Foot
Microsoft Press - ISBN 9780735623583
May 2007

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Practical .NET 2.0 Networking Projects - Wei-Meng Lee
APress 2007
Covers the IrDA functionality in 32feet.NET
The Definitive Guide to the .NET Compact Framework - Larry Roof with Dan Fergus
APress 2003
Covers Pocket Outlook classes in Mobile In The Hand.


Peter Foot
Technical blog covering .NET Compact Framework and Windows Phone development issues.


Facebook Development with the .NET Compact Framework
Facebook has become a huge phenomenon in social networking. The site exposes a developer API to support Web and desktop applications. In this article we will explore making use of this functionality from a smart device application. The source code to accompany this article demonstrates working with key aspects of the Facebook API and tightly integrating with Microsoft® Windows Mobile®–specific APIs.
November 2007, Microsoft Developer Network

Mobile and Embedded Developer Conference 2005
By combining the previously separate Mobile and Embedded developer conferences Microsoft have dramatically scaled up the conference from last year. The venue was the glittering city of Las Vegas in the Mandalay Bay conference centre. Windows Mobile 5.0 was released, representing a large step forward with not only new functionality for the end users but also major improvements to the APIs available to developers. There was a lot of detail on the upcoming .NET Compact Framework v2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 tools.
May 2005

Hosting a Native Windows Control within a Microsoft® .NET Compact Framework Forms Control
This article will demonstrate a technique for hosting native windows controls, in this example the HTML Web Browser control, within a custom .NET Compact Framework control. The method described supports full two-way communication with the native control so that events can be raised following user interaction.
October 2004

Mobile Developer Conference 2004
A look at the highlights from the mobile developer conference held in San Francisco.
April 2004

Working with files on Smartphone devices with the .NET Compact Framework
This article examines some of the considerations when building file based applications for the Smartphone platform with managed code. This includes some code examples you can use to build in file browsing to your .NET Compact Framework applications.
March 2004

Documenting your code with NDoc
This article describes a technique for generating HTML based documentation for .NETCF Class libraries which you can use either for internal use or distribute with reusable libraries.
August 2003

Working with Enumerations
This article serves as a quick refresher to Enumerations in .NETCF and introduces the functionality added in the OpenNETCF.Enum class.
July 2003

XSL Unmanaged File Deployment
Visual Studio 2003 features an undocumented method for deploying unmanaged files along with a .NET class library. This is intelligent enough to support different platforms and processor types and is used by Visual Studio's Build CAB feature. The system is based around XSL documents.
June 2003

Mobility Developer Conference 2003, Paris
An overview of the Mobile Developer Conference held in Disneyland Paris.
April 2003

Pocket Access Data Provider for the .NET Compact Framework
The omission of a Pocket Access database provider has sparked much discussion from the very first release of the .NET Compact Framework. While Microsoft had provided developers with SQL Server CE, there is still a strong need for Pocket Access databases, both for updating applications previously written in eVB, and for any other application where installation of SQL Server CE could be considered overkill. With this in mind I wrote a wrapper library around the familiar ADOCE ActiveX control.
December 2002

Speaking Engagements

  • Tech Ed New Zealand 2010
    September 2010
    Auckland, New Zealand

  • Tech Ed Developers 2008
    July 2010
    Orlando, FL

  • Tech Ed Developers 2007 EMEA
    An Open Discussion of Networking Technologies within Windows Mobile
    November 2007
    Barcelona, Spain

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