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Peter Foot

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August 2007 - Posts

  • Tech Ed Developers 2007 EMEA for Mobile and Embedded Developers

    In November Microsoft will be hosting the twin conferences of Tech Ed Developers and Tech Ed IT Forum in Barcelona. Tech Ed Developers runs the week of 5th to 9th and covers 14 different tracks, one of which is Mobile & Embedded. This will cover the latest versions of all of Microsoft's Mobile & Embedded products from the .NET Micro Framework through to Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded CE and Robotics studio, and of course the .NET Compact Framework.

    This year I'll be delivering a session on networking technologies available to Windows Mobile developers. This will cover a broad spectrum from personal area networking (Bluetooth and IrDA) through to cellular network specific (SMS, GPRS etc) and internet standards (FTP, HTTP etc). We will look at which technologies are appropriate for which scenarios, the relative costs and how to implement them. It's going to be an interactive session and will include plenty of code snippets and an interactive demo or two.

    My co-authors Andy Wigley and Daniel Moth will also be delivering sessions in the Mobile & Embedded track and we plan to get together for a book signing during the event. Registration for the conference is available with a €300 off the full price until 28th September.

    Posted Aug 31 2007, 06:20 AM by Peter Foot
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  • MOTODEV Summit

    Following on from the developer contest I mentioned a while ago, Motorola are running a series of developer summits later this year. They will be covering development across their range of platforms and devices, including Windows Mobile. They will have a UK event in London on the 9th of November, which conflicts with Tech Ed Developers 2007 in Barcelona which I'm already committed to - more details on that to follow...

    Full details - MOTODEV Summit

    Posted Aug 24 2007, 07:03 AM by Peter Foot
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  • System.Media.SoundPlayer versus the PlaySound API

    In .NETCF v3.5 there is a new namespace - System.Media which brings audio support to the Compact Framework. Previously the common way to add sounds to your application was to use the PlaySound API (either P/Invoking yourself or using one of many wrappers). Now that the framework itself has built-in support, which matches the desktop .NET v2.0 framework it makes sense to standardise on the SoundPlayer component.

    There are some differences in behaviour which you'll need to be aware of. When you specify a filename this doesn't simply call through to the native APIs passing the filename, the file is first loaded into memory and then the WaveOut APIs are used to play it. This means that if you simply create a new SoundPlayer and call Play the file will not be loaded, the Play method will have to first load the file contents, and then play the sound. This will create a noticable delay before the sound is heard. The class allows you to load the file at any time prior to calling play - you can use either Load or LoadAsync to do this. Once the file is loaded the Play method will be able to immediately begin playing the file. Exactly where you call the Load/LoadAsync method will depend on your application design. Keeping a large audio file cached will tie up valuable memory, you should dispose of the SoundPlayer instance once you have finished with it.

    Posted Aug 21 2007, 11:51 AM by Peter Foot
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  • Using the UnInstall Configuration Service Provider

    Among the Configuration providers in Windows Mobile is one which allows you to programmatically uninstall package from the device. The UnInstall provider is documented here:- To see if your package...
  • Desktop ActiveSync Registry Settings

    In March I showed how to get the version of a connected device from the desktop . This post documents the rest of the registry settings used to store device information. There are two registry locations, the first at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft...
  • Skydriving

    Windows Live Folders is now Windows Live Skydrive and the beta has been extended to locales outside the US. The service provides a free 500mb of online storage for you to use however you want. Beyond the new look and feel and new name there is one great...
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