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  • Mobile In The Hand 3.2 Released

    Mobile In The Hand 3.2, the latest version of our suite of .NET Compact Framework tools for Windows Mobile, is now available for download to registered users of 3.x. The main changes and enhancements in this release are:-

    • Support for Pocket PC 2003 through to Windows Mobile 6.1 using .NETCF 2.0 or 3.5
    • Events from the Messaging system - get notified when messages are created, modified, moved or deleted
    • Better support for HTML Email - retrieve either the raw HTML or a text only representation. Added property to determine the native message format.
    • Fixes to WirelessManager, MessagingApplication and other classes
  • Mobile In The Hand 3.1 Released

    In The Hand Ltd are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Mobile In The Hand Version 3.1. This is the latest version of the definitive suite of .NET Compact Framework APIs for Windows Mobile. The product provides a superset of the managed Windows Mobile APIs shipped by Microsoft covering all aspects of the device from managing the device hardware through to working with Contacts and Emails on the device. Version 3.1 has been optimised for .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and above and supports devices based on Windows Mobile 5.0 and later. This release has undergone a significant re-write to improve performance and compatibility. Documentation for the object-model is available online in our library. Full product details and purchasing information are available on the product page.

    Please read our previous announcement regarding changes to the way we handle purchases and the discontinuation of Handango for sales and upgrades.

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  • Changes to Product Sales

    From today we have changed the way we sell our developer products. We will no longer be using Handango for online sales, instead you can purchase directly from us using PayPal which supports payment through either a PayPal account or all common types of Debit and Credit cards. All of our prices will now be quoted in our local currency (UK Pounds) this will mean the amount you pay through PayPal will vary based on currency exchange rates.

    For our existing customers we will provide alternative means to download product updates and purchase upgrades. We heard feedback from a lot of you that Handango was no longer effective for this as it has a limited time window when you can download files. If you need to download a product which you originally purchased through Handango please contact us with your Handango order id and your username on our forums and we will get you access to the files. If you have purchased a previous version via Handango and wish to purchase the latest version at a reduced price again please contact us with your Handango order id. We will soon have an improved process for this.

    We would like to thank all our existing customers, if you have any issues with a current order, need to download a version or purchase an upgrade please do not hestitate to contact us.

  • Mobile In The Hand 3.0 Released

    Version 3.0 of the Mobile In The Hand product has been a long time in the making and introduces numerous enhancements and optimisations over the previous versions. This release is the first to include a version optimised for .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and 3.5 runtimes. It extends the PocketOutlook support to go beyond what is available in the Microsoft managed classes to support custom properties and many new features implemented in Windows Mobile 6 in the Native APIs only.

    This version also introduces a number of all new features and namespaces such as a managed implementation of the GPS API in Windows Mobile 5.0 and above and ConnectionManager and WirelessManager classes. The library gives the ability to extend many system menus on the device with custom menu items. Mobile In The Hand represents a collection of all the essential components to make the most of Windows Mobile within your managed code development.


  • Networking In The Hand 2.0 Released

    21st September 2007

    In The Hand Ltd today announced the release of Networking In The Hand, a developer library for the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and 3.5 Beta. This library adds additional networking functionality not found in in the Compact Framework while matching the object model used in the full .NET framework to make it easy to share your code between platforms. Functionality includes:-

    • InTheHand.Net.WebClient - Provides helper methods for working with information upload and download over HTTP and FTP transports, and any other WebRequest based implementations.
    • InTheHand.Net.FtpWebRequest - Provides a complete desktop compatible implementation of the WebRequest pattern for FTP.
    • InTheHand.Net.WebRequestMethods - Provides a reference of all the HTTP and FTP methods (GET/POST etc)
    • InTheHand.Net.NetworkInformation.Ping - Perform a Ping and determine network availability and performance.
    • InTheHand.Net.NetworkInformation.IPGlobalProperties - Retrieve a wide range of networking statistics to measure traffic and help identify faults.

    The library is licensed on a per-developer basis with no additional royalties required to distribute the runtime with your applications. Full details on the product can be found on the product details page -

  • File Downloads

    Thank you to those of you who reported issues with file downloads on the site. It was identified as an issue with HTTP Compression on the site which has now been disabled. Downloads should now work as expected.


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  • 32feet.NET Forum Merger

    In order to make the site easier to maintain, we have merged the forums at with the main website. This will make it easier to follow topics in the forums and manage the site. We have also simplified the forum structure by merging the Windows CE Specific, Windows XP Specific and Profiles forums with the main Bluetooth forum.

    You'll also notice we have added a new Blog feed to the site - this shows current activity in the CodePlex workspace for 32feet.NET including code check-ins and new/closed issues.

    Thank you for your continued support for the 32feet.NET project.

  • TomTom In The Hand 6.2 Released

    6.2 is a minor version release with the following changes:-

    • All methods requiring TomTom to be running will attempt to launch TomTom if not running
    • The ExecutablePath for TomTom can be modified to cater for non-default installations
    • Better handling of timeouts for long running operations (such as calculating a route with the route summary visible)

    6.2 is a free upgrade for users of v6.x. You can download the latest version through Handango using your order id. If you have any problems with this approach please email me with your username for the forums on this site ( and your Handango order id and I will set up access for you.

  • TomTom In The Hand 6.1 SP1 Released

    The SP1 update fixes the following issues:-

    • Support for StartApplication on OEM branded versions of TomTom
    • Support for non-ASCII characters in returned place names
    • Support for latest TomTom SDK update with negative coordinate fix
  • TomTom In The Hand 6.1 Released

    Today In The Hand Ltd have released a new version of the TomTom In The Hand library for the .NET Compact Framework. This latest version addresses a known bug in the TomTom SDK 6 when using negative co-ordinates which made the TomTom application virtually unusable programatically in some countries. We are the only company to currently provide a wrapper library which addresses this issue in the current TomTom SDK. We've been able to provide a seamless workaround with no changes to the object model of the library from our v6.0 release. We have also introduced a new RawGpsReceived event to the Navigator class which you can handle to receive the raw GPS data from TomTom in NMEA format.

    Existing v6.0 customers can download the update for free from Handango (have your order number to hand). Users of the v5 library can get v6.1 for the same reduced upgrade price as v6.0 was offered at.

  • TomTom In The Hand 6

    The new version of the TomTom In The Hand which adds support for TomTom v6 SDK has been released. Existing purchasers of v5 qualify for an upgrade at reduced rate. The installer includes documentation and some sample code.

  • Documentation Library Updated

    The documentation library has been updated. It contains the latest documentation for:-

    • Mobile In The Hand 2.1 SP3
    • TomTom In The Hand 6.0 (Beta)
    • 32feet.NET 2.1

    And freeware Services In The Hand and Certificates In The Hand libraries.

  • TomTom In The Hand

    In The Hand Ltd is please to announce availability of TomTom In The Hand. This is a wrapper library to make the functionality of the TomTom Navigator SDK easily available to your .NET Compact Framework projects. The project wraps all the automation functionality found in the latest TomTom SDK v5.21.

    The package is available with our usual per-developer license. There is no restriction on how many times you redistribute the runtime dll with your finished applications. Included with the library are a sample app to demonstrate logging with the TomTom SDK, and object model documentation which integrates with Visual Studio's help collection. The library consists of a small (34kb) managed dll which you must reference from your project. The package does not include the TomTom SDK itself which is required, that is available to purchase from TomTom.

    Full product details are available on the product detail page at

  • In The Hand Releases Mobile In The Hand

    1st August 2005 - In The Hand Ltd, a leading developer of managed code APIs for mobile devices, today announced that Mobile In The Hand v1.7, a suite of libraries for Windows Mobile development, is now available.

    This suite builds upon the PocketOutlook library and incorporates further managed APIs designed to improve developer productivity while providing forwards compatibility with the new Microsoft Windows Mobile v5.0 managed APIs. Alongside previous Pocket Outlook functionality, this new suite contains Email, Sms, Telephony and Configuration support.

    The Community Edition contains a subset of the functionality and is provided for evaluation and non-commercial use. The Professional Edition contains the full functionality, locally installed help content and royalty free redistribution of the runtime dlls. Further details are available at

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