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September 2007 - Posts

  • Networking In The Hand 2.0 Released

    21st September 2007

    In The Hand Ltd today announced the release of Networking In The Hand, a developer library for the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and 3.5 Beta. This library adds additional networking functionality not found in in the Compact Framework while matching the object model used in the full .NET framework to make it easy to share your code between platforms. Functionality includes:-

    • InTheHand.Net.WebClient - Provides helper methods for working with information upload and download over HTTP and FTP transports, and any other WebRequest based implementations.
    • InTheHand.Net.FtpWebRequest - Provides a complete desktop compatible implementation of the WebRequest pattern for FTP.
    • InTheHand.Net.WebRequestMethods - Provides a reference of all the HTTP and FTP methods (GET/POST etc)
    • InTheHand.Net.NetworkInformation.Ping - Perform a Ping and determine network availability and performance.
    • InTheHand.Net.NetworkInformation.IPGlobalProperties - Retrieve a wide range of networking statistics to measure traffic and help identify faults.

    The library is licensed on a per-developer basis with no additional royalties required to distribute the runtime with your applications. Full details on the product can be found on the product details page -

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