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TomTom In The Hand 6.1 Released

Today In The Hand Ltd have released a new version of the TomTom In The Hand library for the .NET Compact Framework. This latest version addresses a known bug in the TomTom SDK 6 when using negative co-ordinates which made the TomTom application virtually unusable programatically in some countries. We are the only company to currently provide a wrapper library which addresses this issue in the current TomTom SDK. We've been able to provide a seamless workaround with no changes to the object model of the library from our v6.0 release. We have also introduced a new RawGpsReceived event to the Navigator class which you can handle to receive the raw GPS data from TomTom in NMEA format.

Existing v6.0 customers can download the update for free from Handango (have your order number to hand). Users of the v5 library can get v6.1 for the same reduced upgrade price as v6.0 was offered at.


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Peter Foot is co-author of the Microsoft Mobile Development Handbook published by Microsoft Press. Peter has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) accolade since 2003 for his involvement in the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework developer community. Alongside an active presence in several online forums and communities, attendance at developer conferences and involvement in shared-source projects, Peter has also written a number of technical articles and maintains an active technical blog.
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