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Mobile In The Hand 7.0

Mobile In The HandLatest version extends platform support to Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Windows Phone 7. Read more about the product here.
Ultimate handbook for mobile developers this title covers all aspects of creating applications with .NET Compact Framework and Visual Studio.


Welcome to In The Hand Ltd. We are a software development company specialising in mobile computing using the latest Microsoft platforms and technologies. Using our many years of experience designing and developing software optimised for mobile devices we provide custom development and consulting services to help get your software projects on the move.

Our Mobile In The Hand suite provides functionality for all Windows-based mobile and embedded devices from Pocket PC 2003 to Windows Phone 8. Some of our components are also available for iOS and Android platforms using MonoTouch and Mono for Android. The components can save you days, even weeks of development by providing functionality covering all areas of mobile development from location services to email and calendar management. Mobile In The Hand has received international recognition at events, online and in printed publications.

In The Hand Ltd also manages 32feet.NET, which is a shared source .NET library for Personal Area Networking via Bluetooth and IrDA for a range of Windows platforms. For many years we have been active in online communities and at Microsoft events helping developers get the most from the tools and technologies available to them.

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